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Rare Japanese books from Art Garage Yoroshiku^^!
Hello everybody! Welocome to our shop ART GARAGE. We have just opened our store.
We deal with a variety of Japanese used books.
There may be items you are interested in or you haven't ever heard of. Please enjoy shopping Japanese books. I hope you feel Japanese sensivities through these books.
There may be some customers who don't understand Japanese. So we'll try to list Japanese books containing a lot of photos or illustrations that help you understand.
Omiya Bonsai Village
Our office is located in Omiya-ku,Saitama city which is a quiet neighborhood surrounded by Omiya Bonsai village.
Omiya Bonsai village is located near Omiya koen station on Tobu Noda line and is a famous tourist spot here in Omiya. Some of our customers who are interested in Bonsai often visit there.
This Omiya Bonsai village is only 20 minutes' walk from our office. Omiya is not only a quiet residential area which is comfortable to live in,but also is greatly opened around Omiya station.
Recommended Item,Deluxe or Limited edition
The embroidered Fukusa of Kombuin
Old Japanese Embroidery
Tokyo Yuzen Kimono Book Signed

Yuzen Collection Memorial Limited edition
Unique Ryukyu Bingata Dyeing Book

Kimono Sleeve 100 Designs Super Deluxe
Deluxe Japanese in Art 16vol Set
Super Deluxe Limited Kimono Book
Masterpices of Japanese Painting Wonderful!
Deluxe Katcyu(Armor)Book Limited
Deluxe Japanese Art in Design 12vol Set
Deluxe Kimono Catalogue 3vol Set
Embroidery Imperial Embroidery Artist
Yuzen Patterns Collection Limited Edition
Yusoku Genji Kagami Large-format Limited
Kirikane,the youngest Living National Treasure
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New arrival Jul 25 Martial Arts Book
Jun 14 Martial Arts Book Koryu Jujutsu Book
Jun 10 Shito-ryu Karate Book Kenwa Mabuni 1930s Original Edition
Jun 07 Martial Arts Book
Jun 03 Martial Art Book Karate Book
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We deal with Japanese books in our store Art Garage.Let's explain our items briefly.
As you know,"Ichiroya",Ichiro san runs, mainly deal with Kimono,Fukusa and so on."
So I think many people who visit our store are interested in Japanese Kimono books,Embroidery books and Fukusa books.
We try to list many books containing beautiful photos of fabulous Japanese Kimono,Fukusa and Embroidery.
Especially,many people are interested in Japanese Embroidery.
We have some deluxe Embroidery books by Iwao Saitoh,who is the founder of Kurenaikai.
Japanese embroidery and
Japanese embroidery sequel edition

Ichiro san runs a Japanese antique shop.And Takeishi san,owner of Rikyu,deal with Japanese antiques.
So we carry a wide variety of books on Japanese art,culture such as Ukiyoe,Japanese paintings,Tea ceremony,Flower arrangement,Japanese dolls,Kokeshi dolls,Ceramics and porcelain and so on.
I hope you will enjoy Traditional Japanese beauty through these kinds of books.
And when you purchase Japanese antiques at Ichiro san's shop or Takeishi san's shop,these books would be a good reference for you.


Bonsai are miniaturrized potted plants and trees for aesthetic appreciation and are an art form unique to Japan.To keep this up as the trees and plants grow,they are handed down across several generations.To complete the ideal shape reqires a considerable amount of knowledge and labor,even for an expert,but it has an intimate appeal as a hobby.
In Japan,it is cheifly taken up as a hobby by those in middle and old ages,while in the United states also popular among young people.
Kokufu bonsai exhibiton held in Japan are the most famous exhibiton both in Japan and in the world and many people visit Japane to see it.

Our Customers(Links)
Our customers photo or web site!

Budo(Karate ,Judo)
We carry many Budo books on Judo,Karate,Kendo and other Japanese style Kobudo.
Judo is one of Japan's principal techniques of hand-to hand combat.One hundred years ago,Jigoro Kano traditional martial arts and developed Judo as a sport through the establishment of Kodokan Judo.
Karate was formed by combining Chinese kung-fu with Okinawan martial arts and developed as an art of self-defense.One fights not with weapons but with fists,elbows and feets.Basic tactics include the foreward fist thrust and defense,kicking ,and the backward elbow thrust.

Samurai(Armor and weaponry)
We sell books or exhibition catalogues on weapons,protective gear and ornaments Samurai(Bushi) used.
"Samurai or Bushi" means man who belong to high-ranking social class of worriors.They used various weapons when fight against the enemy. They mainly use Nihonto(Japanese sword),Katcyu,Helmet and so on. weapons.They are not only used during battle ,but also time-honored crafts,to be appreciated for their work-manship and the dedication of their markers.


Have you ever heard of "Ninja"? Ninja were people provided with special techniques in the art of war and flourished in Japan's of sengoku period.Ninjutus is defined as the art of stealth ninja use.
Masaaki Hatsumi,Seiko Fujita are famous Ninja and they are experts on Martial Arts(Budo).So it can be said that Ninjutsu has closely connected with Budo.Originally ,Ninja in sengoku period serve their lords as spies and so Ninjutsu has close relations with Samurai(Bushi).

Other Japanese books
There are many Japanese books we would like to introduce to you such as Music books,various Japanese magazines,Japanese comic and anime(They are sometimes called Japanimation). We would like to list them in the future

Mutual Links
Japanese Tea Mart Rikyu(Owner Takeishi san)His shop mainly deal with Japanese Tea items and varous kinds of fabulous Japanese folkart such as Temari ball.
Shukado,(Owner Tanaka san)
They deal with tthe finest Japanese fine arts such as Ukiyo-e.Their items are worth collecting.Please visit their site if you have time.

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We have been selling many Japanese used books on ebay.Many buyers have contacted us and asked us to locate Japanese books.
If you have any Japanese books you are looking for,please feel free to email us!We'll try to do our best to locate them!
Yoroshiku onegaisimasu!

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